Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Super Wallet

   Yesterday my wallet finally fell apart and that got me thinking about making a new one from scratch.
Now if I am going to make something that is going to reside in my back pocket for years to come I am going to make it right!
   I started out with a piece of Kevlar-Nomex fabric. This stuff has a breaking strength of 500lb and is extremely slash resistant. For how tough it is however it does nothing for EM shielding. Any self respecting geek must have an RF shielded wallet, so I fixed this deficiency with a 6g layer of silver epoxy:
Needs more Epoxy.
   Silver epoxy has amazing EM shielding properties, and on top of that, it provides extra strength to the Kevlar. If you want to make it cheaper, I think using regular epoxy with a layer of tin foil might work just as well. Once there was a nice uniform layer of epoxy on the Kevlar I let it dry for about 4 hours and then sewed a layer of 330 Denier Nylon to the Kevlar:
So Shiny!
Almost done with the front.
 While Kevlar is slash resistant luckily it is not puncture resistant, so its possible to work it with a sewing machine. Once the the back was finished I added a 1 inch nylon strip to the outside for extra reinforcements.
 Next I made the other side of the bill pouch out of Nylon fabric and strips:
Excuse my crappy camera.
  Finally I attached it all together:
So here is my supper wallet. Till next time.


  1. For the next one, take a look at these folks:
    If you can get past the shielded underwear without laughing too hard, they offer several types of conductive fabric by the foot. I used it in a project and can verify that it works well to block RF. It might be a more flexible alternative than epoxy.

  2. Nice job! Who say's sewing is just for chicks now? :)

  3. Ermmmm, not wanting to pi55 on your parade dude, but, kevlar is puncture proof, that is why they use it for things like stab proof vests and the like. Small thing wrong in a great article. *thumbsup*

  4. Here, Kevlar is a fabric... it can be pierced by a needle and sewn. Also I am not too sure that anything is "puncture proof". There are "bullet proof" vests out there, made of Kevlar, that can be pierced with knives.

  5. Guess those of us who don't like boxers are S.O.L. :-D

    And where are the traditional tin-foil hats? Couldn't find 'em anywhere. ;-)